How ITB quickly and efficiently delivers plastic products all over the world

21 June 2018

It goes without saying that you want your plastic products to be delivered to the right place as quickly as possible without paying too much for this transport. At Rompa, we understand that. We therefore make sure you always have enough products where and when you want them, while keeping the costs to a minimum.

How do we deliver your products as quickly and efficiently as possible? Simple: by using our production sites in the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, and the United States. Manufacturing products on three continents allows us to keep our transport costs low. We produce on a local-for-local basis for many of our customers. This means we manufacture products as close as possible to our customers’ requested location. Doing so creates a strategic advantage and it is just one of the reasons why many customers with international locations, e.g. Philips, Procter & Gamble, and Bosch, use our services.

The best transport solution for your situation

There are four ways to transport products: by air, water, railway, or road. We always choose the best transport solution for your specific situation. This choice depends on the desired delivery time and the transport costs involved, as well as the order quantities and delivery location. Of course, products manufactured in China or Europe that are destined for the United States can only be transported by air or water.

Tailor-made solutions

How many products do you need and where and when do you need them? At Rompa, we strive to collaborate with you on your supply chain. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for all customers, e.g. those operating on a project basis – which makes it hard to predict the demand for a product – or those with products designed for a specific season or type of weather. In any case, we make clear agreements about production and delivery terms. If anything changes, we will discuss the new situation together and come up with proactive solutions to ensure you are never left empty-handed.