ISO certified plastics manufacturer

The general policies of ISO certified plastics manufacturer Rompa Group include aspects such as quality control, safe working conditions and environmental protection. We realize this through preventive measures and continual improvement of our processes, with the focus on manufacturing products that both meet your requirements and are just as consistent as we promise they will be. All without damage to people or the planet.


All Rompa production sites are ISO certified in line with the following standards:

CNC measurement machine
Furthermore, Rompa Indepak in Portland (USA) and TransRompa in Puebla (Mexico) are certified according to:

Rompa Shunxing in Jiangmen (China) and Rompa CZ in Vyškov (Czech Republic) are also certified according to:

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Colour control
Additionally, Rompa Shunxing in Jiangmen (China) is certified in line with:

We also apply the following quality methodologies:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan (APQP)
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL)